AquaIllumination 	AI WAVE CONTROLLER AquaIllumination AI WAVE CONTROLLER

AquaIllumination Flare

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At Sunlight we recognize innovation when we see it.  The AI Wave is not just the next step in modular design, but a leap ahead of other “supplemental” lights.  The new standard in high powered modular design that meets the needs of almost any application; you dream up the use and the AI Wave will perform.  Available in 3 color combinations (White, Blue, and Super Blue) the Wave has interlocking connectors that allow up to 6 Wave modules to be connected to one power supply, intelligent control based on the AI Control system, and the flexibility to meet all your needs.  
Cree XP Series LED’s are the driving force behind the Wave that separates it from the competition.  While other “supplemental” lights provide mood or accent lighting, the Wave performs at the highest levels providing impact and punch unattainable by others.  You will be shocked at the ability to use the Wave in applications never thought possible.
  • Dimensions: 11.6”L x 0.9”D
  • 6 watt power consumption at peak intensity per unit
  • Mounting clips included with each unit
  • Power Entry Module (PEM) with power supply sold separately