Sun Hut XL
Sun Hut XL Sun Hut XL
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Sun Hut XL

The new Sun Hut XL is a portable, light-weight, multi-purpose enclosed indoor grow box. The exterior of this enclosed greenhouse is durable, thick black canvas with heavy duty zippers. The interior of this grow box is a reflective silver plastic. The new larger size accommodates 4' X 4' trays and other growing systems. This grow box has metal framing made of heavy-duty steel tubing. The Sun Hut includes 2-4" duct flanges and a bracket to support an exhaust fan and filter.

Easily hang your grow light reflector from the frame at the top of the Grow Box. This enclosed grow box allows you to closely control your lighting and growing environment.

Thick black canvas exterior
Silver plastic interior
Heavy-duty zippers
Includes 2-4" duct flanges
Includes bracket to support fan & filter
Inside Dimensions: 4'L X 4'W X 7'H
Exterior Dimensions: 52"L X 52"W X 7'H

(Picture Shows white interior)

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