Scissor Magic - Display box w/ 6 units
Scissor Magic - Display box w/ 6 units Scissor Magic - Display box w/ 6 units
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Scissor Magic - Display box w/ 6 units (550099)

Our SoftEdge cleaning media and advanced Get-It-Clean solution is the fastest & most effective one-handed scissor cleaner on the market today. Keeps scissors in top shape by conditioning your scissors with every cleaning. To extend life of product, replace lid between cleaning’s.

Our SoftEdge cleaning media is a high-tech spin off from the aerospace industry. Nothing works better! Scissors stay cleaner longer!

Remove lid, push scissors through slit in foam down into cleaning media, move up & down with a twist several times. Remove scissors and wipe clean with a soft cloth or paper towel. Repeat as necessary. For best results, clean scissors more frequently before excessive build up accrues.

Eliminates the need to set anything down to clean your scissors Great for Gardening or any sticky situation.

- Up to 20% increase in efficiency.
- Conditions with every cleaning
- Will not dull or rust your scissors
- One handed cleaning
-Display box included


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