8" Max-Fan, 675 CFM
8" Max-Fan, 675 CFM 8" Max-Fan, 675 CFM
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8" Max-Fan, 675 CFM (eco-340420)

Max Fans

Can-Fan® bring its innovation to market and sets a new standard for performance. The Max Fans are more powerful and efficient fans that takes less energy to run. Come pre-wired with an 8’ - 120 volt power cord. 5 year warranty.

The 10" MAX Fan from Can-Fan is rated at 1023 CFM and designed for any system that requires maximum performance. The 14" MAX Fan is rated at 1823 CFM. The in-line MAX Fans are small yet powerful, efficient and extremely quiet.

The Max Fan family has been designed to be the smallest, lightest and most energy efficient fan of its kind.  With the current cost of electricity the Max Fan can save 100's of dollars every year.

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