Air Stone 4" Disc (12/case)
Air Stone 4" Disc (12/case) Air Stone 4" Disc (12/case)
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Air Stone 4” Disc (12/case) (eco-5438)

Air Stone Round 4"

ActiveAqua™ Air Discs

The Active Aqua 4" air stone disc is a great way to add oxygen to your hydroponic growing system. The micro-pore design energizes your growing solution as it aerates and circulates your nutrients. It will extend the life of your nutrient solutions, help keep your roots healthy, and promote exceptional growth.

ActiveAqua™ Air Discs are perfect for larger reservoirs or barrels. It’s design suites its function because it will sit on the bottom of your reservoir to aerate and circulate the solution. Well oxygenated and stirred nutrient is best for your plants and you can see the difference!

Weight: 0.5 lbs.
Package Dimensions: 6.8L x 4.8W x 1.0H
Suggested Retail: $8.95

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This item is sold individually. The case size is listed for your convenience for instances where you wish to order in case quantities.

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