CNS17 COCO BLOOM 2.5 Gallons 2/CS
CNS17 COCO BLOOM 2.5 Gallons 2/CS CNS17 COCO BLOOM 2.5 Gallons 2/CS
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Botanicare® CNS17™ Coco Bloom and Grow

CNS17™ Coco and Soil Formula has been formulated for use mainly with coir fiber as the growing substrate, but is suitable for use in most substrates. CNS17 Coco and Soil is designed with high calcium levels and provides a full spectrum of elements for a wide range of vegetables and flowing plants. It is considered a professional strength, stand alone nutrient that can be used in conjunction with supplements if desired. The chelates contained in CNS17 Coco and Soil aid in the absorption of trace elements such as iron, manganese, and zinc. Balanced with proper nutrient ions for plant metabolism CNS17 Coco and Soil does what virtually no other single part nutrient can, provides a broad spectrum of elements for your plants.


	Item #		Item				MSRP	
	733052		CNS17 COCO GROW QUART 12/CS	$10.50	
	733054		CNS17 COCO GROW GALLONS 4/CS	$26.95	
	733056		CNS17 COCO GROW 2.5G 2/CS 	$65.00	
	733058		CNS17 COCO GROW 5 GALLON 	$115.00	
	733060		CNS17 COCO BLOOM QUART 12/CS	$10.50	
	733062		CNS17 COCO BLOOM GALLONS 4/CS	$26.95	
	733064		CNS17 COCO BLOOM 2.5G 2/CS 	$65.00	
	733066		CNS17 COCO BLOOM 5G 		$115.00	

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