Dark Energy. 32 fl oz
Dark Energy. 32 fl oz Dark Energy. 32 fl oz
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Dark Energy Nutrient Additive

It Stinx - But It Rocks! Dark Energy is an exciting new nutrient additive that will significantly reduce the time to harvest, especially for flowering plants. Made from an exclusive blend of vital L-amino acids, vitamins and bionutrients, Dark Energy allows faster and greater ion penetration of the cell walls, visibly enhancing the rate of growth. Highly concentrated. Mix 1/2 - 1 tsp. / gallon of water.

Unique benefits:
• Accelerated chelation of essential macro and micro nutrients improving overall nutrient uptake
• Improved vegetative growth and chlorophyll content
• Stimulates natural production of plant hormones such as auxin and ethylene, responsible for growth and fast ripening
• Improved yield and quality of harvest
• Increased tolerance to stress
• Can be used from seed to harvest
• Highly concentrated so little is needed
• Compatible with all fertilizer programs, even other nutrient additives!

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