Soul Synthetics Player Pack
Soul Synthetics Player Pack Soul Synthetics Player Pack
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Soul Synthetics Soul Synthetics Player Pack (ROSSPLAY)

Aurora Innovations is proud to offer their trial kits. Designed both for new gardeners looking to start with a powerful complete program at an economical price, and for established gardeners wishing to do a side by side comparison to see for themselves the quality and yields they can achieve with our hand crafted nutrients.

Soul Synthetics Player Pack
16oz Grow, 16oz Bloom, 16oz Infinity, 8oz Grow-N, 8oz Amino Aide , 8oz Big Swell, 8oz Peak. This nutrient line is designed for growing in coco fiber, hydroponics and works great in soil as well.


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Dimensions7.3 x 14.7 x 8.8
Case Weight16
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