PH4 Calibration Solution, 16 oz
PH4 Calibration Solution, 16 oz PH4 Calibration Solution, 16 oz
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Hanna Instruments PH4 Calibration Solution, 16 oz (HI7004L)

Hanna's buffer solutions are made from established formulas and are standardized with a pH meter calibrated to NBS/NIST primary standard buffer solutions. The 20 mL sachets are ideal for infrequent calibrations while for heavy-duty applications, you can choose from the popular 230 mL, 1 liter, or 1 gallon containers. Now the pH 4 buffers carry lot # and expiry date as well as pH/C chart on every bottle. HI 7004L/C and HI 8004L/C are also supplied with an analysis certificate.

Hanna pH 4 buffers contain potassium hydrogen phthalate. They are standardized using a pH meter calibrated by primary standard buffer solutions (NIST 186 Ie, NIST 186 IIe and NIST 185g S.R.M.). The pH value is certified traceable to NIST 185g S.R.M.

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Dimensions2.6 x 7.8 x 2.5
Case Weight15
Case Quantity12

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