Grower's Secret Grow Big 1 gal
Grower's Secret Grow Big 1 gal Grower's Secret Grow Big 1 gal
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Grower's Secret Grower's Secret Grow Big 1 gal (GSGB1G)

Grow Big 5-2-1 in the gallon container is perfect for the person who gets great results and now wants to save money and plastic. Most people use it to refill the 32 ounce bottle with the hose-end sprayer, that's the easiest most efficient way to green up your yard and help your gardens grow big. The formula combines nutrient-rich organic fish emulsion with patented Grower's Secret Pro and lavender oil. Your lawn and garden will drink up the water-soluble nitrogen and other nutrients that help them thrive.


• Saves money and plastic.
• Convenient refill for use with hose-end sprayer.
• Can be mixed with water and used as a soil soak.
• Can be used with almost any hose-end sprayer.
• Will cover approximately 7,000 square feet.
• Suitable for organic gardening.


Manufacturer's Product Information
MSRP each $27.95
Dimensions3.75 x 11 x 3.75
Case Weight38
Case Quantity4

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