SNS 311 Plant and Vegetable Wash 16oz (10/Cs)
SNS 311 Plant and Vegetable Wash 16oz (10/Cs) SNS 311 Plant and Vegetable Wash 16oz (10/Cs)
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SNS 311 Plant and Vegetable Wash

What is it? Think of SNS 311 as immediate medicine for your plants or (First Aid Kit). Little spritz' may help a lot of conditions.
SNS 311 is made with Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C), Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Potassium Bicarbonate (kalicinite) and Quillaja Sopanin (Soap Bark) a botanical surfactant.

As a Plant Wash it may:
  • Reduce oxidative stress, reduce ozone issues i.e. Brown tips, Brown scaring and leaf curling
  • Remove pesticide oils
  • Remove fungicide oils
  • Reduce the odor from botanical pesticides and fungicides
  • Reduce insect damage, by reducing stress
  • Reduce fungus and bacterial damage, by reducing stress and washing off the fungus and bacteria
  • May reduce fungus and bacteria by reducing their ability to adhere to the plant
  • May increase the amount of fruit
  • May increase fruit and leaf size
  • Current testing has shown significant reduction in the treatment of Scales
  • 1 ml of SNS 311 will eliminate 1.5 ppm of chlorine in 1 gallon of water and buffer the water to 6 pH
  • May reduce odors, if your plant smells like Rosemary or mildew a little spray can reduce the odor
May be used every day as a maintenance plant wash. You will notice your plant looking brighter, even glowing and smelling fresher.

As a Vegetable and Fruit Wash it may:
  • Wash off pesticides and other contaminants
  • Wash off bacteria and fungus
  • Reduce the ability of bacteria and fungus from adhering to the vegetables and fruit
  • Increase shelf life of vegetables and fruits due to reduced bacteria and fungus