GrowPak S1 Hydro1 (1 x PP Quatro, 1 x SensorPak w/ probes)
GrowPak S1 Hydro1 (1 x PP Quatro, 1 x SensorPak w/ probes) GrowPak S1 Hydro1 (1 x PP Quatro, 1 x SensorPak w/ probes)
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GrowPak S1 - by Sero

The GrowPak is a micro-controller based system with a full compliment of digital monitoring and control options.

What does that mean? The GrowPak can simultaneously monitor and control up to 16 different unique inputs or outputs. This is all done digitally via our wide selection of modules that connect to our bus communication system. This type of configuration gives a level of customization and integration that's never been offered before.

Digital monitoring allows a number of key advantages over older analog options. The first is accurate calibration of probes. Older methods require mechanical adjustments that can physically break down over time and are typically more susceptible to environmental conditions. The second is cost. By implementing an all digital systems we’re able to produce products more cost effectively and we pass that saving on to our customers.

The Sero GrowPak S1 is a new breed of modular environmental controls that allows you to build a complete setup that is unique to your needs. The new GrowPak control system is capable of maintaining parameters such as humidity, light timing, temperature, pH, TDS, and CO2 (sensor coming soon) as well as pumps for ebb/flow and fan control for ventilation. This system is packed with easy to use menu flow, custom designed functions, as well as the ability to remotely alert you if there’s a problem when paired with the TechPak internet module.