Microbial Infusion. 100g
Microbial Infusion. 100g Microbial Infusion. 100g
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Microbes and plants have had a symbiotic relationship with one another for millions of years. This mutual attraction came into being when both species had something the other needed. Need, of course, is the mother of all invention and a strong bond was set into place to propel microbes and plants into a favorable symbiotic future. The longest lasting relationships in humans are forged by those who not only have a mutual need for one another but mutual respect and comradery in close quarters. So, the trick was to bring together the proper strains to not only inoculate the soil with microbial life but make sure that the plants would embrace a symbiotic relationship. The microbes fit into five distinct categories that benefit the plant and two distinct species. Fungi and bacteria make up the species and the five categories are: increased root growth, protection from pathogenic fungi, increased nutrient uptake, decomposition of organic material and protection from root rot. Blackjack Soil Company's Microbial Infusion is a blend of endomycorrhizae, ectomycorrhizae and trichoderma fungi with beneficial bacteria. Everything about Microbial Infusion is good for the plants health and you will see positive results.