PLATINIUM Ebb & Flow - 120 series
PLATINIUM Ebb & Flow - 120 series PLATINIUM Ebb & Flow - 120 series
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PLATINIUM Systems (all-in-one hydroponic systems) are the future of affordability and performance. These 100% self contained units include everything needed to successfully grow healthy plants. On the frontier of design, PLATINIUM Systems save space and offer user friendly features, including universal bases, interchangable accessories, easy fill reservoirs with removable lids, and come equiped with a pump as well as all tubing and 360 sprayers needed for a complete setup. Available in a multitude of configurations and sizes. The new PLATINIUM Systems line-up includes single top aeroponic systems (Aerotop), individual pot aeroponic systems (Aerostar), ebb & flow systems (Ebb&Flow), rockwool drip systems (Hydrostone), pot drip systems (Hydropro), and cloners (Super Cloner). Most PLATINIUM Systems available in the following sizes: 40 Series (16"x16"), 40x90 series (16"x36"), 60 Series (24"x24"), 100 Series (40"x40"), and 120 Series (48"x46").

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