Organa-Add Gallon
Organa-Add Gallon Organa-Add Gallon
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One Gallon

Plants will green up and harden up faster when cuttings are foliar fed with Organa-Add. It increases the rate of nutrient absorption and helps plants withstand environmental stress.

Organa-Add is a soil / hydroponic based amino acid bio-stimulant for all stages of plant growth. Organa-Add is a product consisting of organic chelates and amino acids. Organa-Add is a product manufactured by carefully combining hydrolyzed protein, vitamins and organic chelates so as to create a heterocyclic compound.

Use Organa-Add with your existing fertilizer program for improved resin and essential oil production. Also maximizes fruiting and flowering.

Organa-Add is an environmentally safe product and does not leave any residues on plants.

Organa-Add is effective for hydroponics, aeroponics and soil cultivation. It will not clog emitters, drains or pumps. As a foliar spray it is effective for cuttings and in all stages of growth.

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