Orcon Earthworms "Mail-Back" (Pack of 5)
Orcon Earthworms "Mail-Back" (Pack of 5) Orcon Earthworms "Mail-Back" (Pack of 5)
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Orcon Beneficial Insect Mail-Backs

Insects via "Mail-Backs" offers customers delivery of fresh live beneficial insects to home or job site.

Choose from:
  • Delphastus Pusillus - Eats whitefly eggs and larvae
  • Trichogramma - Used worldwide to attack over 200 kinds of moth and caterpillar insects
  • Green Lacewings - Often called “Aphid Lyon” because each larvae can eat up to 1000 aphids per day
  • Cryptolaemus - Called “Mealybug Destroyer”
  • Encarsia Formosa - Tiny parasites that kill many varieties of white fly promote root growth
  • Predatory Mites - Seeks out and kills many kinds of mites
  • Ladybugs - Most popular beneficial insect, both adult and larvae eat pests
  • Beneficial Nematodes - Attacks over 230 kinds of soil dwelling and wood boring insects
  • Earthworms - Composting Red Wrigglers that aerate and loosen the soil to promote root growth.

Sold in pack quantities only. Each species sold separately. Ships manufacturer direct.

"Mail-Back" Beneficial Insect Redemption

Live beneficial insects from Orcon! You are purchasing a product that Orcon sends live to your door. We call these products "Mail-Backs" because each package comes with a postcard that you mail back to Orcon with your name and address and the Purchase Code. Orcon has created a spot on their website to speed up this process: http://organiccontrol.com/re-deem-mail-backs/

Free Shipping when ordering $50 or more of qualifying items.

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