Myco Maximum - 5lb - Humboldt Nutrients
Myco Maximum - 5lb - Humboldt Nutrients Myco Maximum - 5lb - Humboldt Nutrients
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Myco Maximum - 5. - Humboldt Nutrients (MMX420)

Myco Maximum is a granular powder containing 7 species of growth-enhancing mycorrhizal fungi, proprietary ingredients, 11 strains of beneficial bacteria, and 2 trichoderma species. Myco Maximum adds organic matter and helps to break down nutrients and micro-nutrients present in your growing medium or soil which are necessary for plants throughout their life cycles. Mycorrhizal fungi increase the surface-absorbing area of the roots, greatly improving the ability of plants to grow, fruit and flower by forming an intricate web that captures and assimilates nutrients and water for the plant. Working together, beneficial bacteria, mycorrhizal and trichoderma fungi expand into the surrounding medium to greatly increase the roots ability to absorb and recycle water and nutrients, improving transplant success, flowering and overall growth of the plant. The goal is to create physical contact between the roots and the inoculants. Myco Maximum can be banded under seed, worked into seed beds, placed under cuttings, blended into potting soil, or sprinkled near roots at transplant time. Guaranteed Analysis Humic Acid .3% Endomycorrhiza Glomus aggregatum 14 spores G. intraradices 14 spores G. mosseae .14 spores G. etunicatum .14 spores G. monosporum ..6 spores G. deserticola 6 spores G. clarum .6 spores Bacteria B. licheniformis .50,000 cfu B. azotoformans ..50,000 cfu B. megaterium ..50,000 cfu B. congulans .50,000 cfu B. pumilis 50,000 cfu B. polymyxa ..50,000 cfu Sachromyces cervisiae ..50,000 cfu Streptomyces griseus ..50,000 cfu S. lyndicus ..50,000 cfu Pseudomonas aurofaceans ..50,000 cfu P. fluoroscence .50,000 cfu Trichoderma T. koningii ..187,500 spores per cc T. harzianum .187,500 spores per cc CONTAINS NON PLANT FOOD INGREDIENTS: 3% Humic acids (derived from Leonardite) Directions: Application Rates Apply 4 oz per 1.5 3 cu. f/t. of media. Planting: Apply in furrow 1 tsp. per row foot. Beds: Mix in top 4inches of soil 2lbs per 100 sq. ft. Nurseries: Inoculum can be mixed at a rate of 5 lbs. per cubic yard.

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