Liquid Humic Acid - 1 gallon
Liquid Humic Acid - 1 gallon Liquid Humic Acid - 1 gallon
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Blackjack Soil Company’s Liquid Humic Acid is a proprietary premium blend of 100% Humic minerals from Leonardite in an aqueous base. Blackjack’s Liquid Humic Acid is fast acting and has a guaranteed source of Phosphorus as Available Phosphate P205. To this date, the studies on this product and products like it are classified by State and Federal authorities as experimental. However, many of the studies suggest that plant foods containing Humic Acid may allow the plant to feed easier and as a bonus, may allow the soil’s locked-up nutrients to become more available to the plant. Liquid Humic Acid may also have a natural source of over 70 plant-derived trace elements, carbon, enzymes and amino acids that contain naturally occurring organically infused microscopic soil known as nano-nutrients that are not listed or guaranteed on the label.

Because of fierce competition in the produce marketplace, most farmers do not add anything to the soil unless it can show a benefit to the farm. Millions of tons of Leonardite* have been sold to farmers to amend field soil with the intent to make it more fertile.

*The mined ore in which Blackjack Soil Company’s Liquid Humic Acid is derived from.

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