Inda-Gro Pro-420-PAR
Inda-Gro Pro-420-PAR Inda-Gro Pro-420-PAR
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Inda-Gro Pro-420-PAR

Electrodeless Fluorescent Discharge Lamps, or EFDL, are the most energy efficient induction lamps available. With no internal electrodes we offer low lumen depreciation and a rated lamp life of 100,000 hours.

Using optimized plant spectrums coupled with our Daylight Harvester’s automatic dimming control we bring unparalleled performance and savings to the greenhouse production crop grower.

• Consumes up to 70% less power than comparable HID lamps.
• Single lamp with broad PAR spectrum for vegetative thru flowering stages.
• 100,000 hour rated with only 10% lumen depreciation @ 70,000 hours.
• Unlimited Duty Cycle, switching and dimming do not reduce lamp life.
• Consistent intensities and stable spectrum for repeatable crop production values.
• Instant variable dimming from 100% to 50% output depending on varying sunlight conditions.
• Power consumption is proportional to actual lamp output levels.
• US service and repair center, 10 year prorated lamp and driver warranty.
• May qualify as an accelerated tax deduction under the Energy Act of 2005 (HR-1424).
• Qualifies for utility company retrofit rebate programs where applicable.

— Ships from Portland, Oregon USA.