Odor Sok 14"x39" 2400CFM
Odor Sok 14"x39" 2400CFM Odor Sok 14"x39" 2400CFM
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OdorSok Odor Sok 14"x39" 2400CFM (OS14X39)

Odor Sok Air Filters are constructed using bundles of microscopic activated carbon filaments and fibers. By controlling fiber width to 20 nm, the absorption rate of carbon cloth is similar to that of a single exposed carbon particle.

Odor Sok Air Filters retain all the properties of deep filter bed canisters with the advantage of light weight. Faster adsorption rates means smaller filter equipment and up to thirty times less carbon in use for the same result over a one-year period.

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Dimensions10.9 x 9.4 x 16.2
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