Grow Roll 20'x9.75"x.35"
Grow Roll 20'x9.75"x.35" Grow Roll 20'x9.75"x.35"
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Sure To Grow Grow Roll 20'x9.75"x.35" (STGR)

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The STG Grow Mat is a unique grow system for growers who use grow tables, troughs or gutters. The first generation and current STG Mat was designed by commercial growers who use 26 foot long, four bay trough tables. All of these growers were using 100% perlite or peat perlite mixes. The immediate impact was on labor, as it took only minutes to roll out an STG Mat as opposed to pouring heavy, dusty, messy bags of Perlite or soil. Clean up saw similar positive efficiencies, as it only takes minutes to roll up an STG Mat, with no residual clean up needed outside of a quick table wash down. And because an STG Mat will wet instantaneously growers can seed and begin germinating immediately.

This unique method of replacing the media for each new planting also impacted growers who were troubled by root diseases like Pythium. As any grower will attest, once Pythium gets into the media, it is very difficult to get rid of. Because each new STG Mat is sterile and hygienic it does not allow for cross contamination and spreading of disease which in turns creates a much more hygienic and sterile environment in any type grower facility.

The STG Mat can be easily cut to fit any type gutter system. We can also custom cut sizes to fit any grow system with a reasonable contract requirement. This sytem was designed, trialed and approved by dozens of commercial gutter and trough growers around the United States.


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MSRP each $23.2
Dimensions9.18 x 12.25 x 7.75
Case Weight21
Case Quantity20

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