Advance Grow A 5L
Advance Grow A 5L Advance Grow A 5L
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Dutch Master Advance Grow A 5L (DM1510)

Dutch Master ADVANCE is their revolutionary 2 part high performance nutrient. ADVANCE still outperform the competition at a budget price! ADVANCE was Dutch Master's first high performance nutrient and the forerunner to GOLD. The unique incorporation of rare earth minerals to assist Krebs Cycle Metabolism rockets your plants into the world of high performance! ADVANCE’S unique formulation of mineral elements, amino acids and Krebs Metabolites is able to accelerate your plants metabolic rate – giving you faster growing and higher yielding plants – with increased essential oil production! ADVANCE is a 2 part nutrient (Part A & Part B) that comes in a Grow and a Flower formulation and can be used in Hydro, Coco & Soil based systems.

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