1000w MH Pulse St. 2.8k
1000w MH Pulse St. 2.8k 1000w MH Pulse St. 2.8k
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Sun Pulse 1000w MH Pulse St. 2.8k (SPGH12.8K)

Even lamp life with little color shift or loss of output.

Pulse Start metal halide grow lamps from SunPulse are specially designed for plants and other living things. Pulse Start metal halides are the next generation of halide lamps. They are specially designed to work with Sun Pulse Certified electronic and digital e-ballasts.

1. Superior Photochemical Reactions
2. Proper UV balance
3. Advanced HID lamp design
4. Lamps made by life scientists for plants
5. Best sunlight replication
6. Designed for commercial applications
7. Made for quality, consistency and yield
8. Digital lighting for digital ballasts
9. Tuned for certified e-ballasts and HPS magnetic ballasts
10. HD-HID - (High Definition - High Intensity Discharge) lighting

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Dimensions3.25 x 17.5 x 3.25
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