HUM-BOLDT HUMIC 2.5 Gallons 2/CS
HUM-BOLDT HUMIC 2.5 Gallons 2/CS HUM-BOLDT HUMIC 2.5 Gallons 2/CS
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Humboldt Humic

HUM-BOLT is a 8% Humic Acid which promotes high ion exchange capabilities, stimulates plant enzymes, increases beneficial organisms and acts as an organic catalyst. HUM-BOLT is a long-chain molecule which plays many roles in living organisms, it is a free radical scavenger, binding up free electrons, as well as heavy metals which can negatively affect proper cell replication. HUM-BOLT is a natural chelate and biostimulant. It creates immunities for plants, by blocking viral and bacterial particles from attaching to cell walls. HUM-BOLT creates more permeable cell walls, allowing for better absorption of nutrients, while protecting the plants by strengthening the cells natural defenses. HUM-BOLT increases microbial activity in the soil, stimulates root growth by flushing out high levels of salt, and vastly increases nutrient uptake for all plants.


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