Grow Natural gal.
Grow Natural gal. Grow Natural gal.
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Humboldt Nutrients Grow Natural gal. (HNOG410)

Grow Natural 3-1-3

Humboldt Nutrients Grow Natural is an ultra-concentrated natural grow formula designed to give your plants the nutrient-rich foundations needed during the vegetation and flowering period.

Used in conjunction with Bloom Natural and DeuceDeuce, Grow Natural will allow your plants to reach their full potential.

Grow Natural is made using fresh ingredients, none of our products are imported from overseas making our prices affordable to the consumer.

Naturally derived, our Grow Natural is a blend ocean fish, seaweed extract, Quillaja saponaria, bentonite, Yucca extract and cane molasses.

The base ingredients in Grow Natural will promote and facilitate the growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi in your growing media.

This blend provides essential nutrients to all plants, along with crucial elements which feed the inoculated and existing beneficial bacteria in the soil.

The use of Grow Natural promotes full flavors, aromas and beautiful bouquets obtained by the use of the rich and pure ingredients provided by Humboldt Nutrients.

Using Humboldt Nutrients Natural line provides reliable crop-quality and quantity harvest after harvest.


Use 2-3 mL per Liter of water, feed at regular intervals. Follow feeding schedule guidelines provided by Humboldt Nutrients.


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