FLAVORFUL 32oz (12/CS)
FLAVORFUL 32oz (12/CS) FLAVORFUL 32oz (12/CS)
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Humboldt Flavorful

FlavorFul is 8% Fulvic acid with a dark, amber color indicating the high concentration. FlavorFul is comprised of long chains of organic carboxyl and polyhydroxide acids. Electrolytes are the key to healthy ion exchanges in plants and animals. Plants thirst for electrolytes to optimize health, and to maintain sustained vigorous growth. FlavorFul contains electrolytes that stimulate and relax the plant cells, resulting in the smooth and consistent delivery of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and trace elements in soil and fertilizers. FlavorFul lowers fertilizer costs due to more efficient uptake of nutrients, increase quality and quantity of yields, increased resistance to stress, as well as an excellent survival rate for all seedlings, grafts, transplants and cuttings.


	Item #		Item			MSRP	
	723076		FLAVORFUL 32oz (12/CS)	$17.59	
	723078		FLAVORFUL 1 GALLON 4/CS	$58.49	
	723080		FLAVORFUL 2.5G (2/CS)	$134.59	
	723082		FLAVORFUL 5G		$233.99	

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