Hormex Rooting Powder #3, 1 lb
Hormex Rooting Powder #3, 1 lb Hormex Rooting Powder #3, 1 lb
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Hormex Rooting Powders are not water soluble and therefore are superior for rooting in soil or other mediums ( vermiculite, perlite, sand, etc.) Choose strength based on plant variety, time of year, propagating conditions and condition of cutting. Bottom heat will enhance rooting performance.

Hormex Rooting Powder #3: Arbor-vitae, Azalea Dauricum, Azalea Mollis, Blueberry, Daphne, Elder, Ivy, Pyracantha, Juniperus Chinensis Pfitzeriana, Juniperus Sabina Fastigiata, Sequoia Gigantea, Rose.

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