Pure Flowers 0-30-20, 1 qt (12/cs)
Pure Flowers 0-30-20, 1 qt (12/cs) Pure Flowers 0-30-20, 1 qt (12/cs)
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Pure Flowers liquid was scientifically formulated with cutting edge phosphite technology. Pure Flowers 0-30-20 has the highest nutrient levels ever achieved in a completely solubilized liquid. The unique molecular structure of a phosphite is easily absorbed through the roots and leaves ensuring the crop instantly uptakes potassium and phosphorus. The ultimate flowering supplement will maximize your crops yield and boost the crops immune system. The immune system will then be able to better resist powdery mildew, brown rot and other harmful fungi. While protecting it also accelerates flower development and increases yields.

Developed for hydroponics and soilless gardening Pure Flowers is super concentrated at 1 tsp/5 gallons.

The liquid formulation is easy to use in reservoirs, drench and foliar.

This item is sold individually. The case size is listed for your convenience for instances where you wish to order in case quantities.

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