GROTEK® BLOOM FUEL™ 0-0-2 - 1 L (6/CASE)
GROTEK® BLOOM FUEL™ 0-0-2 - 1 L (6/CASE) GROTEK® BLOOM FUEL™ 0-0-2 - 1 L (6/CASE)
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Grotek Bloom Fuel™


Bloom Fuel™ 0-0-2 represents an entirely new method of feeding aimed at pushing plants into the flowering stage. This 100% organic, transition product is designed to reduce the vegetative stage of growth and switch the plants over to the flowering stage. As the plant switches stages, Bloom Fuel™ helps to create multiple flower sites with more lateral branching by providing just the right balance of energy and nutrients.

Manufacturer's Product Information
2007 MSRP Each $20.85
Case Weight16.95 LB
Case Dimensions11. x 8. x 8.5 IN
Case Quantity6

This item is sold individually. The case size is listed for your convenience for instances where you wish to order in case quantities.

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