Final Flush GreenApple 1 L
Final Flush GreenApple 1 L Final Flush GreenApple 1 L
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Salinity can become a serious issue for those gardeners growing in containers and recirculation systems. Salt build up can cause problems for growing plants and bitterness in harvested fruit.

Final Flush is a flushing agent designed to correct overfeeding issues during crop production and also eliminate excess salts from the medium during the final stages of plant growth.

The organic acids in this product help knock nutrients out from around the rhizosphere. Removing these easily accessible food sources causes the plant to search for new food sources.

In many cases, plants have tucked away unconverted salts into surrounding tissues. This can lead to bitter-tasting produce. As the medium EC and nutrient availability is lowered, the plant takes any unconverted salts within its structure and properly metabolizes them which results in a cleaner harvest.

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