Z7 Hydro System Cleanser & pH Stabilizer 1 Gallon Set
Z7 Hydro System Cleanser & pH Stabilizer 1 Gallon Set Z7 Hydro System Cleanser & pH Stabilizer 1 Gallon Set
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Are you getting the kind of crop from hydroponics that you were promised or envisioned? Are you constantly switching plant food brands or trying exotic additives to hopefully make the crop better? Have you or your friends had root rot problems? Are you trying without success to get more oxygen in the nutrients? Are you tired of spending money? Have you been thinking about switching back to soil?

Donít switch back to soil yet! The best kept secret of a chosen few has been released to the public. Z7ís new technology is the missing link to a more successful growing experience in hydro! Z7 is going to make growing hydroponically worth every penny and minute you spend. Hydroponics, when done right, will blow soil away every single time. If your ready to run with the big dogs, you need Z7!

"Once you've come to that realization, everything about your crop will come together."

Hereís what's been going on that has been fussing hobby, pro indoor and commercial greenhouse grower alike. Hydroponic roots viewed through a high powered microscope will have micro sized particulate hiding in plain sight from the naked eye. These micro sized particles come from plant foods, additives, air borne dust, dirt and dead plant cells. To make it simple we will call the deadly combination inanimate slime. Inanimate slime affects every hydroponic grower; itís is in your hydro system right now. You may not see it but its there! Believe this; roots canít feed properly if their covered in a micro thin layer of inanimate slime. Once you've come to that realization, everything about your crop will come together. Z7 not only makes a great crop happen, it demands it to happen!

"Z7ís technology will amaze you! See the real performance of your plant foods!!"

Expensive nutrients and exotic additives can deliver explosive growth but they wonít perform to your expectations if the plants are fighting the effects inanimate slime. Remember, even the smallest amount of inanimate slime on roots will keep you from getting the harvest you expect. Without protection from inanimate slime, you could be the next hydro grower to see either average growth, plant problems or total crop failure. Unhealthy plants are the breeding place for insects and powdery mildew infestations. Look to Z7 for superior protection from inanimate slimy hydroponic root and hardware conditions! Let Z7 deliver the quality growth your plant foods and additives promised!!

The root cleansing protection from Z7ís technology will amaze you! See the real performance of your plant foods!!  Z7 is amazing, economical and inexpensive! *The one gallon set treats almost four thousand gallons of nutrient! Try Z7 today!!

Look to Z7 to successfully treat inanimate slimy hydroponic roots by removing the particulate and the conditions that created it. Keep your hydro system in order!

Z7 is not a plant food. It allows plant foods to work better.

* Smaller size bottles are available for non-commercial applications.

Hydro System Cleanser: Z7 eliminates inanimate slime, inanimate slimy conditions, plant waste, organic waste, odors and mineral build from hydroponic roots, piping, sprayers, tubes and tanks while the plants are growing. Z7 will reduce many hours of cleansing between harvests and in most cases eliminate taking the hydro system apart. This will reduce down time and help minimize the replacement of tubes, pipes and sprayers. The hydroponic system must be kept free of inanimate slimy conditions otherwise it will not be able to obtain the highest degree of genetic growth possible from the plants.

pH Stabilizer: Z7 helps to stabilize the pH swings of plant nutrient caused by the interaction between plant nutrients, plant waste, bacterial waste, soluble/insoluble minerals and problematic chemical additives added to local water supplies by government agencies. Hobby and Pro growers alike will experience consistent harvests when the pH of their hydroponic nutrient has been stabilized.

Compatibility: Z7 is compatible with any hydroponic plant food (organic or chemical) or Mycorrhizae supplement. Z7 is compatible with vinyl, plastic, glass, rubber, PVC, ABS and their glues.

Non Toxic and Concentrated

Applications: When introduced into a contaminated hydro system Z7 will go to work to eliminate inanimate slime, inanimate slimy conditions,  plant waste,  organic particulates, cloudy water, odors and mineral buildup on roots or hardware. It is normal to see cloudy or dirty nutrient when changing the nutrient tank until the hydro system is operating normally. When introduced into a freshly cleaned hydro system Z7 will maintain an internally cleansed hydroponic environment and prevent inanimate slime and inanimate slimy conditions.

Directions for use: Shake thoroughly. Apply to the tank after the nutrient has been pH adjusted. Apply at every nutrient tank change. Do not use more than the recommended dose.  Z7 only works on surfaces it continuously comes in contact with. Use 24 hours a day 7 days a week while the plants are growing.

Hydro Systems: Use 1/2 cc Part A and 1/2 cc Part B for every gallon of nutrient solution. Or 1tsp of Part A and 1tsp Part B for every 10 gallons of nutrient solution. More Z7 is not better. Stay with the recommended dose.

Contents of Bottle: Naturally brewed cleanser suitable for consumable plants.

The 8 ounce bottle package will treat 480 gallons of nutrient.
The 16 ounce bottle package will treat 960 gallons of nutrient.
The 32 ounce quart bottle package will treat 1,920 gallons of nutrient.
The 128 ounce gallon bottle package treats 7,680 gallons of nutrient.

Use the guide below to determine dosage for your tank size. Add together tank sizes to determine your needs. Shake bottle thoroughly before dosing.

1/2 cc/mL per Part A and 1/2 cc/mL per gallon Part B for every gallon of nutrient solution.

5 gallon nutrient tank: Use 1/2 tsp Part A and 1/2 tsp part B
10 gallon nutrient tank: Use 1 tsp Part A and 1 tsp part B
15 gallon nutrient tank: Use 1.5 tsp Part A and 1.5 tsp part B
20 gallon nutrient tank: Use 2 tsp Part A and 2 tsp part B
50 gallon nutrient tank: Use 5 tsp Part A and 5 tsp part B

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