940w 2K High Pressure Sodium Conversion Lamp.
940w 2K High Pressure Sodium Conversion Lamp. 940w 2K High Pressure Sodium Conversion Lamp.
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940 watt EYE Hortilux Ultra Ace EN sodium lamp for use in Metal Halide ballasts. Burn in any position. Glass envelope clear.
EYE Hortilux is a proven leader in the High Pressure Sodium plant growth specific lamp industry. Always top-notch quality and consumer satisfaction is very high. It is designed to be used in 1000-watt metal halide ballasts only. These High Pressure Sodium lamps are used in greenhouses to elevate the red, orange and yellow electromagnetic wavelengths hitting the plant. This (along with shorter photo-periods) signals the plant to start producing bloom hormones. Increased red, orange and yellow wavelengths can produce higher yields and more abundant blooms and fruiting sites when quality plant foods and bloom leaf sprays are used. Look to Vita Grow Thunder Bloom Foliar Spray to increase fruiting sites by at least 20 percent and up to 100 percent when compared to a control group.
Indoor gardeners, lacking the Sun, may find that Hps lamps do not supply the necessary amount of blue light to keep plants healthy. Blue light drives photosynthesis, translocates sugars and keeps the immune system working properly. Those growing areas using HPS lamps exclusively in the bloom stages of growth may experience adverse vertical stretching and blooms located only at the top of the plant. It is suggested to burn a Metal Halide lamp along side of the HPS lamp to increase sugar production and horizontal growth.
Increased insect attack in the final stages of HPS only bloom growth may also be experienced. Other options would include using Sunmaster Warm Metal Halide lamps that burn at the 3 thousand Kelvin color temperature range. They have enough red, orange and yellow light to trigger bloom hormones and an ample amount of blue to keep plants healthy and proportional in size.

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