DUTCH MASTER™ ADVANCE GROW B 0.65-.075-4.4 - 1.32 GALLON (2 x 5L/CASE)
DUTCH MASTER™ ADVANCE GROW B 0.65-.075-4.4 - 1.32 GALLON (2 x 5L/CASE) DUTCH MASTER™ ADVANCE GROW B 0.65-.075-4.4 - 1.32 GALLON (2 x 5L/CASE)
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Dutchmaster Advance Grow and Flower A and B Set

ADVANCE GROW 5L/1.32GAL (A+B=1) (1/CS)

Advance incorporates the first targeted use of Krebs Cycle Metabolites in hydroponic plant nutrition. These Krebs Metabolites (selected amino acids & enzymes etc.) are designed to help induce the plant into what is termed short cycling. Short cycling occurs when the correct types of Krebs Metabolites are provided to the plant along with the necessary co enzymes to help the plant complete the Krebs cycle early. However, before this can occur these specialised elements must be delivered to the exact sites needed. Before we can understand the benefits of short cycling we need to understand a little about Krebs Cycles & what they do. The Krebs Cycle is the basic respiration or energy cycle of all living things & all of the hormones, auxins & signallers etc produced by a plant begin from this cycle.

The Krebs cycle performs a series of complex chemical actions, each dependent on the other to complete its part of the cycle. Once this cycle is completed it immediately begins anew. The main sites for these cycles are specialised cells called Mitochondria. What the Dutch Master R&D team have achieved is the delivery (through supplemental nutrition) of part of the cycle to these specialised cells. This means that the plant may not have to complete that part of the cycle and so the new cycle can, theoretically, begin quicker than it normally would. The benefits of this are enormous as the plants may then grow & develop at an accelerated rate due to increased output of energy by the plant. Plants grown with advance have shown faster growth, better flower development, larger more colourful flowers and an increase in essential oil production which is great for herbs or medicinal crops.

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2007 MSRP Each $55
Case Weight26.55 LB
Case Dimensions10.5 x 7.5 x 12.25 IN
Case Quantity1