DRiWATER® Combo Pac 6: 3 large PT Delivery Systems, 32 oz. ea. of Gel
DRiWATER® Combo Pac 6: 3 large PT Delivery Systems, 32 oz. ea. of Gel DRiWATER® Combo Pac 6: 3 large PT Delivery Systems, 32 oz. ea. of Gel
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Plants Love DRiWATER!

Wet to The Last Drop!

Made of 98% water, and 2% food-grade ingredients, DriWater’s unique patented gel gradually breaks down when it comes into contact with natural microorganisms found in soil. As the gel slowly converts to liquid, it percolates down through the root zone of a plant, delivering moisture at a consistent rate. Plants are healthier, more attractive, and there are no more cycles of being too wet or too dry. DRiWATER, is 100% natural and biodegradable!

The 2” Gel Pac is a great choice for the vacationer, who would prefer NOT to hire the neighbors to take care of their plants. Great for hanging plants, potted plants, Poinsettia’s and supplemental watering for outdoor annuals. The 2” Gel Pac will water a plant for up to 30 days.

The 2” PT Delivery System is designed for permanent use. It is buried in the soil and additional Gel Pacs can be added as needed, with the tube remaining in the soil. The PT Delivery System is a favorite for potted plants on patio’s and larger indoor plants. The 2” PT will water a plant for up to 30 days.

The DriWater Quart is a great way to water trees, rose bushes, shrubs, and vegetable gardens. Providing up to 90 days of continual watering, the quart is very popular with travelers and those who’s busy schedule make it hard to keep up with their plants’ watering needs during the hot summer months.

The large PT Delivery System is our newest product. The perfect solution to watering hanging baskets, large outdoor pots or any outdoor plant. The PT Delivery System was designed to provide three times the water as the popular quart. Lasting for up to 30 days, this item will become invaluable during vacations or to keep your flowers and plants happy all summer long.


People who grow houseplants represent the largest segment of the gardening community. The biggest challenge most people face is understanding and providing their plants with the proper amount of water on a consistent basis. More plants die from over or under watering than any other cause. Driwater solves the problem!

Ideal to be used during all four seasons of the year!

Vacation Plant Watering
Hanging Baskets
House Plants
Roses, Trees and Shrubs
Spring Flowers
Vacation Plant Watering
Hanging Baskets
House Plants
Potted Plants
Vegetable Gardens
Vacation Plant Watering
Hanging Baskets
House Plants
Potted Plants
Trees, Shrubs & Flowers
Vacation Plant Watering
House Plants
Perfect Gift Giving Idea
Snowbird Watering Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is DRiWATER®? DRiWATER® is a patented time-release plant watering product. It contains a combination of 98% water and 2% food-grade ingredients. The food grade ingredients are commonly found in foods such as mayonnaise and ice cream.
  2. How does it work? Natural microorganisms found in the soil gradually break down the gel. As the gel converts back to water, moisture is carried and maintained throughout the plant’s root zone.
  3. Does DRiWATER change the Ph of the soil?No, DRiWATER has a neutral Ph of 5.25 – 5.5.
  4. Can I fertilize while using DRiWATER? Yes, however, during the first year, when establishing indigenous plant materials, fertilizing with a high nitrogen-based fertilizer is generally not recommended. When DRiWATER comes in direct contact with fertilizers, it will cause it to liquefy at a faster rate. For this reason, when using fertilizers, it is important to check the DRiWATER after 45 days.
  5. When a plant needs more moisture, does DRiWATER® liquefy at a faster rate? No. Liquefaction is the process of DRiWATER® changing from a solid gel back into liquid water. The liquefaction rates are predictable and are determined by the amount of DRiWATER® that is exposed to the soil. If a plant needs more moisture, it may be necessary to apply additional DRiWATER® or use supplemental watering.
  6. Can I fertilize while using DRiWATER? Yes. You can use normal fertilizers and chemicals as needed. Fertilizers may cause DRiWATER® to liquefy at a faster rate so it is important to check your DRiWATER® more often when using fertilizers.
  7. Can I over-water using DRiWATER®? You cannot over-water if you are applying DRiWATER® according to manufacturer’s recommendation. If you are applying DRiWATER® to indoor container plants in addition to your regular watering there is
  8. Is it safe to eat DRiWATER®? We do not recommend this, however, DRiWATER® is 100% natural and harmless to children and animals.
  9. Is DRiWATER the same as a polymer? No. DRiWATER is not an absorbent polymer. DRiWATER® is pure water.
  10. What happens when it rains? During light rains, DRiWATER continues to work normally. In heavy rains, the enzymes in the soil migrate away from the soil surface to avoid being too wet. Without enzymes present, liquefaction stops and the natural rainwater feeds the plant. When the soil begins to dry out, the enzymes migrate back toward the DRiWATER and begin liquefying again.
  11. After DRiWATER has finished liquefying what should be done with the Quart or the Tube?The Quart Carton can be pulled out of the ground and recycled or left in the ground to degrade. It will take approximately 6 months to a year to degrade. After removing, simply brush surrounding dirt into the hole. If you are using the Tube, remove the Tube and use it again on another site or recycle it. When using the Tube over an extended period of time, DRiWATER will leave a protective crust in the bottom of the Tube near the root zone until the time of reapplication.

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