400w 120v Metal Halide Ballast.
400w 120v Metal Halide Ballast. 400w 120v Metal Halide Ballast.
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400 watt 120 Volt metal halide ballast for horizontal or vertical lighting systems with socket assembly. Does not include lamp or reflector.The ballasts manufactured by American Agriculture are ETL (Edison Testing Laboratories) listed to assure top performance. Only top quality components are used. We will hold firm to this policy. The heat-sink case or housing that holds the components is made from extruded aluminum. In the extrusion process fins are made. These fins help to transfer the heat from the transformer to the air without the need for air vents. You will find fins like these on high quality stereo gear and used there for the same purpose. You should also note that these ballasts have not been painted. The painting of the heat sink case or housing inhibits the heat transfer process dramatically. Other manufactures that paint their air vent free ballasts for cosmetic reasons run the risks of baking the components. Electrical components work better when they run cool. We will never paint our ballasts. Six feet of heavy-duty power cord and fifteen feet of heavy-duty lamp cord are standard. The lamp cord comes complete with a mogul socket and assembly to attach to all Control Wizard Products reflectors. The socket is rated at 5kv and is universal. That is to say that any HID lamp will screw in, even horizontal only position oriented lamps with base pins. A close up of the ceramic socket shows the slot the pin slides into. The ballast comes in both 120 and 240-volt applications. Please note the ballast voltage that you require and order from that section of the web site.

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