CNS17 Bloom 2.5 gal
CNS17 Bloom 2.5 gal CNS17 Bloom 2.5 gal
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Botanicare CNS17 Bloom 2.5 gal (BCNCNSB2.5)

CNS17 is ideally suited to use with a wide range of vegetable, flower, and fruiting crops grown hydroponically, in the soil or with soilless grow substrates. While CNS17 is very effective in all substrates, growers using Coco Coir fiber will be particularly impressed. CNS17 is formulated to contain optimum levels of calcium and nitrogen required to offset the high level of potassium that naturally occurs in coco fiber.

CNS17 is the result of new production technology allowing us to create a professional strength all-in-one fertilizer containing all the required nutrients in the correct balance. CNS17 combines high levels of calcium with sulfates and phosphates to provide a complete spectrum of plant nutrients. Virtually no other commercial hydroponic single-part nutrient offers the spectrum of nutrients contained in CNS17. Additionally, when diluted with water, the molecular composition of CNS17 allows the organic structures to hydrolyze, providing an energy source for beneficial microbes in solution.

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