BLASTOFF 15 GALLON (Special Order)
BLASTOFF 15 GALLON (Special Order) BLASTOFF 15 GALLON (Special Order)
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Blast Off Plant Growth Stimulant 0-0.1-0.1

Blast Off™ contains high potency natural vitamins and hormones that act as cofactors or substrates for specific plant enzymes. In the presence of these vitamins and hormones the enzymes are activated to carry out crucial biochemical reactions which result in accelerated plant growth. Thus, addition of Blast Off™, with your favorite nutrient, will dramatically improve plant growth. If you are growing flowers, fruits, or vegetables, you will be thrilled at the harvest time as your plants reward you with fabulous yields.

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* Special Order Item: made to order by the manufacturer, can take 2-6 weeks to ship, and cannot be canceled, returned or exchanged once ordered.