Gigantamo Grow. 1 lb
Gigantamo Grow. 1 lb Gigantamo Grow. 1 lb
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Blackjack Gigantamo Grow Dry Fertilizer. 1 lb.

Perfect fertilizer for the grow stage of plant life.Blackjack Soil has developed its version of the perfect slow release fertilizer for vegetative through bloom plant growth. It can be added to any brand of manufactured soil or placed into the garden for truly great plant growth. By blending 1 cups of this product into 1 cubic foot of any brand of soil, plants will be fed for up to 4 months. Only watering is required although light natural teas, water conditioners and plant sprays may be used to enhance plant growth without affecting the fertilizer program. Also, this product may be added to the soil of established plants at the rate of 1 tablespoon per gallon of soil.

After many months of Beta testing, gardeners have commented that the plant growth from the Blackjack fertilizer is equal to or at times greater than that of plants grown in hydroponics with a lot less effort. Blackjack enriched soil for all intents and purposes should be considered organic although Blackjack prefers the word natural. Consult the Blackjack Soil Program booklet for other creative applications. Plants respond to this product in a very positive manner. It may be used with all brands of soil. Look for growth similar to growth in hydroponics.

* This booklet may be downloaded free of charge from the website
* For gardeners who are sensitive to residual chemicals found in hydroponicly grown plants, Blackjack is the perfect alternative to obtain a pure natural growth relatively free of toxic allergens.
* Gardeners with a disease such as Cancer can be extremely sensitive to chemicals as their senses are heightened by the toxic nature of the ailment and their immune system working overtime in defense of the disease.
* Organic soil should be used in conjunction with Blackjack for optimal results and low residual of toxic allergens.