Gigantamo Bloom. 1/2 lb
Gigantamo Bloom. 1/2 lb Gigantamo Bloom. 1/2 lb
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Blackjack Gigantamo Bloom Dry Fertilizer. 1/2 lb.

Richest bloom fertilizer in the world.
Blackjack Soil Company offers this rich bloom fertilizer to enhance plant growth as your plants are phased into their bloom cycles. A rich source of natural phosphorus is needed to help bud and bloom development. One to two tablespoons per gallon of soil should be top-dressed and covered with soil or consult the * Blackjack Soil Program booklet for other creative applications. Plants respond to this product in a very positive manner. It may be used with all brands of soil. Look for growth similar to growth in hydroponics.
* This booklet may be downloaded free of charge from the website