BioWave Hydro DI-9000 Farm Revolution (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY)
BioWave Hydro DI-9000 Farm Revolution (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY) BioWave Hydro DI-9000 Farm Revolution (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY)
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Biowave is a revolutionary patent pending machine that increases plant yields by an average of 20%. It operates by creating a subsonic harmonic wave that radiates out from the machine and makes plants breathe better. Biowave has been tested on the farm, in greenhouses, and in hydroponic growing facilities, and all tests confirm the gain in yield as well as a 55% gain in total dissolved solids. Many growers also have reported a huge reduction in insect loads. Current tests by Dr. Lynette Morgan in New Zealand have further confirmed the above results in greenhouse tomatoes. Biowave offers a three year limited warranty on parts and labor.

BioWave DI-9000-Farm model

Solar Assisted. One machine covers ten acres.(see test report graphs in science section) The DI-9000 needs a 12 volt car battery which is not supplied. We offer a comprehensive three year warranty on parts and labor. This machine is made for commercial agriculture and is mounted in the ground. Solar panels and battery cases and electronics are weather proof and locked to the frame for theft protection. Dimensions- 53"x16"x 16". Weight 73 lbs. Biowave Field Model

— Ships from SS: WA, CA, CO, MI, TN, PA, FL USA.

* Special Order Item: made to order by the manufacturer, can take 2-6 weeks to ship, and cannot be canceled, returned or exchanged once ordered.

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