Super Nova. 16 oz
Super Nova. 16 oz Super Nova. 16 oz
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Super Nova

Super Nova is a unique biostimulant that will enhance any stage of a plants life. Super Nova contains high concentrations of cytokines extracted from ascophyllum nodosum. Cytokines increase cell division, which promotes vigorous plant and root growth. During times that you require more growth, add Super Nova for supreme results. Plants go through many stages of growth throughout their lives; germination, root growth, stem elongation and thickening, leaf growth and flowering. Super Nova can be used to enhance any or all of these stages to increase the plants normal response. For example, when you would like to enhance the flowering potential of the plant, you add SuperNova as soon as the plant begins to flower. Using Super Nova, you will notice enhanced seed germination, early emergence, stimulated root and shoot growth, increased fruit set and decreased fruit drop. Super Nova can be used with other fertilizers.

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